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"Electronics Packaging toward Singularity"

"IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan (ICSJ)" is a widely-recognized international conference of the IEEE EPS Society, and held annually in Kyoto in November. The conference originally started in 1992 as "The VLSI Packaging Workshop in Japan", and was re-named to "ICSJ" in 2010. ICSJ will provide a platform for you to communicate and interact with global leaders in packaging technology.

Electronics Packaging toward Singularity: For many decades the number of transistors in a semiconductor chip have increased double every 18 months as Moore's law predicts. In generic perspective the exponential growth of the world's information and the Internet of Things (IoT) will lead to the "Technological Singularity" point at which Artificial Intelligence (AI) has more power than human beings in every aspect. This conference will picture the future state of the electronics packaging which impacts the infrastructures of IoT, AI, deep learning and robotics, and try to predict where the packaging technology is heading. This poses a major challenge for us to determine what our role in the society would be before the Singularity. In 2018, the conference will emphasize the following main topics: Optoelectronics, Advanced Packaging, Power Electronics & Automotive, Bioelectronics, and Thermal management. Additional topics of primary interest to the participants are listed below.

Other topics include (but not limited to):

+ 3D Packaging & Chip on Chip

+ Advanced Fine Pitch Packaging, Micro Bumping, Wafer Level CSP

+ Board-Level Integration & Integrated Substrate

+ Laminated Materials & Processing, Materials for Packaging

+ Reliability & Failure Mechanisms

+ Packaging for High-Speed Electrical Interconnect

+ Signal Integrity / Power Integrity

+ RF Components & Modules (w/o mainly Circuit nor Chip)

+ Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printed Electronics

+ Brain-like Neuromorphic Chip Assembly

+ Resilient Packaging for Autonomous System

+ Low Power / Low Temperature / Ultra Low Noise System Packaging

Bring your latest research results, share them with experts from industry and academia, and discuss your work with them. Anybody in the field of the packaging technologies is very welcome to present their latest accomplishments and participate in the discussion. The conference will provide a perfect opportunity to communicate, interact, and exchange technical idea.
Young researchers within 2 years' experience in their professions and all students including Ph.D are also welcome to the newly planned poster session called "Early Career Researcher's (ECR) session" for their start-up to the technical presentation and fruitful communication with experts.

Authors are invited to submit a PDF file which includes 500-word abstract and figures through the Abstract Submission Website.

Abstract Submission

The Extended Deadline for Abstract Submissions: June 15, 2018

Acceptance notifications will be sent by July 6, 2018. Accepted authors are requested to submit the manuscript by September 7, 2018 for the Technical Digest, which will be available via IEEE Explore. 4-pages manuscript is required for the regular session, while 2-page manuscript is enough for ECR session.

You can download the information about Call for papers of ICSJ2018 (PDF file).


Plenary and Invited Speakers:

Plenary Speakers
Toru Baji (NVIDIA)
Clint Schow (University of California, Santa Barbara)
Daniel Kuchta (IBM T. J. Watson Research Center)
Amin Shokrollahi (Kandou BUS)
Singularity Special Speaker
Shintaro Yamamichi (IBM Research - Tokyo)
Advanced PKG Special Speaker
CP Hung (ASE Inc.)
S.W. Ricky Lee (Hong Kong University of Science & Technology)
EPS Special Speaker
Chris Bailey (University of Greenwich)
Mudasir Ahmad (Cisco Systems, Inc. San Jose)
Invited Speakers
Hsiao-Chin Lan (Centera Photonics Incorporated)
Gunnar Böttger (Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration (IZM))
Shigehisa Tanaka (Oclaro, Inc.)
Yasufumi Enami (Kochi University of Technology)
Advanced Packaging:
Kazuyuki Mitsukura (Hitachi Chemical)
Jenn-Ming Song (National Chung Hsing University)
Yasumitsu Orii (NAGASE & CO., LTD.)
Shuzo Akejima (Rising Technologies Co.,Ltd)
Wei-Chung Chen (ASE Inc.)
Meng-kai Shih (ASE Inc.)
Kiyoshi Oi (Shinko Electric Industries Co., Ltd.)
Eisaku Ohbuchi (DMP Inc.)
Keiju Yamada (Toshiba)
Fumito Imura (AIST)
Tomohisa Hasunuma (Kobe University)
Power Electronics:
Tsuyoshi Funaki (Osaka University)
Takashi Shinohe (FLOSFIA Inc.)
Matthew Rau (The Pennsylvania State University)


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