"Packaging Everywhere"


November 9-11, 2015

Kyoto Research Park, Kyoto Japan

Abstract Due:May 29, 2015

“IEEE CPMT Symposium Japan (ICSJ)” is a widely-recognized international conference of IEEE CPMT Society, and held annually in Kyoto in November. ICSJ will provide a place to exchange latest news and information on packaging technology.

Packaging is everywhere! Since started in 1992 as “The VLSI Packaging Workshop in Japan” and then renewed in 2010 as ICSJ, the conference covers a variety of packaging technologies, ranging from VLSI, Optoelectronics to Bio and healthcare. In ICSJ2015, the conference will put more emphasize on two main topics: Optoelectronics and Bio-healthcare. Optoelectronics will include optical interconnect, Si Photonics, telecom/datacom, and LEDs. Bio-healthcare will cover bioelectronics, sensing, biomimetics, and wearable devices. And other topics of primary interest to the participants are listed below.

Other topics include (but not limited to):

+ 3D Packaging & Chip on Chip

+ Advanced Fine Pitch Packaging

+ Micro Bumping Technology, Wafer Level CSP

+ Board-Level Integration

+ Integrated Substrate

+ Laminated Materials & Processing

+ Thermal Management

+ Reliability & Failure Mechanisms

+ Packaging for High-Speed Electrical Interconnect

+ Signal Integrity / Power Integrity

+ RF Components & Modules

+ Materials: Optoelectronics, Bio-healthcare, Advanced Packaging, and Electrical Interconnect

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